About Us

itel is an entry level and reliable mobile phone brand for everyone. Adopting "Join • Enjoy” as our brand philosophy, our aim is to provide budget-friendly products to everyone. After years of development, we have expanded our presence in around 50 emerging markets globally. With a growing mobile phone business, we are now expanding into related sectors, including television.

Better Life

itel believes that everyone deserves a better life. By providing mobiles with reliable quality and affordable prices, itel helps over 1.3 Billion people get connected in the past 10 years. Now, by stretching the product category to household appliance area with products like TV and speaker, itel hopes to continuously provide more and more quality trustworthy yet affordable products to help our customers enjoy the benefits brought by technology and live a better life.


We believe that by providing consumers with quality products and reliable service can allow more people to get connected with the rest of the world in an efficient way.


We democratizes technology through our products by giving entry to technology and connectivity to consumers without prior access to it, allowing them to get closer and benefit from their social connections.

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